Maxi 60*90 4 Burners 2E Wood Finish Gas Cooker MAXI STYLE

`Key features:

  • 60cm x 90cm
  • 4 Gas Burners, 2 Electric (Euro Pool Gas System)
  • Push Knobs Ignition: Hobs and Oven
  • Top Grid and Burner Cover (Cast Iron)
  • Colour: Wooden
  • Double Italian Designed Burner + Sparker
  • Mirror Front Glass
  • Oven Lamp
  • Mechanical Timer


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Features & Compatibility

Maxi 60*90 4 Burners 2E Wood Finish Gas Cooker MAXI STYLE  was efficiently designed to complement your kitchen decor and boost productivity. It’s sure to add a homey feel to your kitchen. It is made from high grade materials that offers superior durability; there is just something about this gas cooker that makes your food come out well cooked and very tasty.


Its CLASSIC WOODEN DESIGN is corrosive resistant this makes it rust free hence giving you the confidence of having lots and lots of anniversaries with this gas cooker. This wooden design also complements your kitchen décor by giving it a rustic chic feel.


The gas cooker also comes with 4 GAS AND 2 ELECTRIC BURNERS that ensures to save YOU a lot of time in the kitchen and increase your productivity. These burners are optimally sized and well organized in such a way that allows you to cook 2 – 4 delicious main dishes or side dishes to meals simultaneously.

Main features:

  • Classic Wooden design that was made to complement your kitchen decor.
  • 4 Gas + 2 Electrical burners that reduce the amount of time spent in the kitchen.
  • Euro pool Gas system that makes cooking faster and more convenient for YOU!
  • Rugged Cast Iron Top Grid and Burner covers sure to last for a very long time.
  • Easy to control Push Knobs Auto Ignition.
  • Large capacity Oven with inbuilt Oven lamp.


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