Best of Hisense Chest Freezer

Browse diverse range of Hisense chest freezers with us. Enjoy fast delivery on all hisense deep freezer.

Firstly, Hisense is a renowned electronics brand that offers a wide range of appliances, including the chest freezers line.

Secondly, all Hisense chest freezers are prioritized for efficiency, reliability, and storage. Designed to adapt to Nigerian needs.

Now, Hisense chest freezers are available in various capacities. Let’s explore some of the popular capacity options:

  1. Hisense 95 Litres Freezer: Perfect for individuals with small freezing needs, the 95 liter chest freezer combines functions with a space saving design.
  2. Hisense 145 Litres Deep Freezer: This compact model is an excellent choice for small households with limited freezer storage requirements.


Deep Hisense Freezer 250 Litres: With a slightly larger capacity of 250 liters, this model provides additional storage space for those in need of more freezing room.

Hisense 260 Litres: If you require even more storage capacity, the 260-liter variant is a great option to meet your freezing needs.

Hisense Freezer 340 Litres: more space for those with higher demand for freezer storage.

Go Bigger

In addition to these options, Hisense also offers much bigger capacities:

420L Chest Freezers, Hisense 502L Deep Freezers, Hisense Chest Freezer 702L and other range of Hisense Standing Freezers.

Extra Features of Hisense Deep Freezer

Hisense deept freezers are equipped with features that enhance their performance and convenience:

  • Energy Efficiency: Hisense prioritizes energy-saving technology, ensuring their freezers consume less power and help reduce electricity costs.
  • Temperature Control: Adjustable temperature controls allow you to set the desired freezing temperature for different types of food.
  • Fast Freezing Function: Some models include a fast freezing feature, which rapidly freezes food items to lock in freshness and maintain quality.
  • Interior Organization: Many Hisense deep freezers come with removable baskets or dividers.  Providing easy organization and separation of items within the freezer, making it convenient to locate and access your frozen goods.

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