Sony 77 Inches OLED TV XR-77A80L Af1


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Sony 77 Inches OLED TV XR-77A80L Af1

Sony 77 Inches OLED TV XR-77A80L Af1 has ultra bright, pure black Combine our bright, pure black OLED screen with the powerful intelligence of our cognitive processor XR™ and you get pictures closer than ever to real life. The secret is peak brightness and pure blacks. Suddenly you’ll see all the detail, depth and texture that is often missing from some screens.

Sony 77 Inches OLED TV XR-77A80L Af1 Screen speaker is always immersive as the story unfolds before your eyes, you’ll hear a sound track that precisely matches the action. Much the same as in a movie theatre.

Sony 77 Inches OLED TV XR-77A80L Af1ur BRAVIA XR™ TVs capture the awesome graphics and soundscapes of today’s games. Want more? Pair with a PlayStation®️5 console for absolute immersion.

Key Features
  • Wonderful pictures with bright, pure black OLED
  • Screen sound, ingeniously immersive
  • Over 10,000 apps and games, straight to your TV
  • Metal Flush Surface, the art of immersion


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