Scanfrost 45L Air Cooler SFAC4000

Key Features

  • High cooling capacity – 50 cu mt. for 16.67 sq. mt.
  • Longer air throw – 11 mt/ 37 feet
  • 3-speed control – low, medium, high
  • Low power consumption – 185 W
  • High efficiency 180 mm dia. blower for strong air blast
  • Large water tank cap – 31 litres
  • High-efficiency Honeycomb cooling pad for longer life
  • Powered by i-Pure technology with 5 filters – Allergy, Bacteria, Odour, PM 2.5 and Dust
  • Dura Pump technology for sturdier electro-mechanical pump
  • Multi-directional wheels for easy mobility


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Features & Compatibility

Scanfrost 45L Air Cooler SFAC4000

Scanfrost 45L Air Cooler SFAC4000 is a cooling device that offers you fresh air and has proved to be very reliable during hot weather conditions. It has three airflow modes that blow air at a very high speed to keep a big room well-ventilated and cool all day long.

The air cooler works very well for a crowded room like an event hall, conference room, and more. No more feeling uncomfortable because of heat waves as the room or hall is choky.

Firstly, Scanfrost 45L Air Cooler SFAC4000 was built mainly to take humidity away from an environment and is known to be tested and trusted. It comes with a remote control to enhance or reduce power and it makes no noise that will cause any inconvenience to its user.

Secondly, the Scanfrost air cooler product can also be put into sleep mode to regulate the functions of the air conditioner It is very compact, portable, and easy to use and has a timer, and an auto restart, and it is user-friendly. This product literally cleans itself up with its dust filter so as not to stop the flow of cool air.

In conclusion Scanfrost Classic Air Cooler does not consume much power, it also comes with extra filters in the box, and installation accessories and the materials used in making this product are anti-rust therefore durability is sure. This product is known to constantly keep cool and fresh air flowing all over a room, it can also be used with generators and inverters and it is more efficient in small spaces.


  • High Cooling Capacity: 50 cu mt. for 16.67  sq. mt.
  • Longer Air Throw 11 mt./37 feet
  • 3-speed Control- Low, Medium, High
  • Low Power Consumption- 185W
  • High Efficiency 180 mm dia. Blower for Strong Air Blast
  • Large Water Tank Cap- 31 Liters
  • High-efficiency Honeycomb Cooling Pad for Longer Life
  • 5 Filter Function (Allergy, Bacteria, Odour, PM 2.5, and Dust)


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