Royal 2.95L Electric Kettle RSEK1807SS


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Royal 2.95L Electric Kettle RSEK1807SS

Royal 2.95L Electric Kettle RSEK1807SS is an amazing companion for your hot beverage needs. This sleek and elegant stainless steel kettle boasts a generous capacity. This makes it an ideal choice for serving the entire family or a gathering of friends.

With Royal 2.95L Electric Kettle RSEK1807SS  you can enjoy a swift boil, saving you valuable time in your hectic schedule. This electric kettle guarantees that your water remains pure and free from any unwanted tastes or odors.

The waterproof temperature controller provides precision in temperature settings, ensuring you savor the perfect cup of tea or coffee with every pour.

Your safety and convenience are top priorities, with the automatic power-off feature and the fail-safe boil-dry protection system in place to prevent accidents.

With the handy indicator light, you’ll always be alerted when your water reaches the desired temperature, streamlining your morning routine. Don’t miss the chance to experience the convenience and quality of this product.


2.95L Electric Kettle

Stainless Steel

Rapid Boil

304 Food Grade Steel

Automatic Power Off

Boil-Dry Protection

1800W Power

Waterproof Temperature Controller

Indicator Light



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