REFRON 13.6kg Refrigerant Gas R22


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REFRON 13.6kg Refrigerant Gas R22

REFRON 13.6kg Refrigerant Gas R22 is commonly used as a propellant and refrigerant. R22 Refron gas is used as a refrigerant in household, industrial, commercial air-conditioning systems also used to produce insecticide & aerosol for spraying paint.

 Usage: Used in a reciprocating compressor, as a refrigerant in industrial, commercial & household air-condition systems; also used to produce insecticide & aerosol for spraying paint; to produce extinguishing agent 1211; as the basic material to produce a wide variety of fluorinated macromolecular compounds.

R-22 cylinders are colored light green.


Property Of Chloride
Molecular Weight 85.47
Boiling Point, °C -40.8
Critical Temperature, °C 96.2
Critical Pressure, Mpa 4.99
Specific Heat of Liquid, 30°C, [KJ/(kg?°C)] 0.31
ODP 0.034
GWP 0.17
Purity, % ≥99.8
Moisture, PPm ≤10
Acidity, PPm ≤0.1
Vapor Residue, PPm ≤100
Appearance Colorless, No turbid
Odor No Strange Stench


Model No. R22 – hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC)
Name Chlorodifluoromethane
Fat Hydrocarbon Saturation Alkane
Un 2.2
CAS No : 75-45-6
HS 2903710000
Trademark REFRON
Transport Package Cylinder 13.6kgs
Origin India
Formula : CHClF2


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