Polystar Quick Water Dispenser PV-R6JX-5GN


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Polystar Quick Water Dispenser PV-R6JX-5GN

POLYSTAR Water Dispenser with double door is exceptionally built to offer you purified water from the stylish body finishing design that comes in Blue, Red and Gold colour. It is energy saving as it consumes low power which saves you money and can be plug to a wall outlet or stabilizer. It offers you chilled and hot water all day. It is ideal for every home and office to have as it safeguards the health of yourself and family. The POLYSTAR water dispenser is essential as you get sterilized hot and cold water every day for drinking, tea and coffee.

POLYSTAR water dispenser comes with door design that shields the tap buttons and water collector that prevent water from spilling. The water dispenser is essential for every home, office, hotels, schools and other public places. It comes in Blue, Red and Gold colour, water tank that is anti-rust with automatic temperature control. Press the tap button to make early morning tea or coffee as it dispenses you with stable chilled and hot water when it is plugged to the wall outlet. The tap buttons is easy to differentiate the hot from the cold when you press it and capable of offering you not only chilled but sterilized water that will definitely quench your thirst.

Stainless steel cold & hot tank
Single layer condenser
Silicon water outlet pipe
R134A compressor cooling
Double door design
with Fridge
Essential for every home,It meets the required standard of quality.

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