Polystar Water Dispenser with Fridge Freezer PV-R2-JXR-18G


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Polystar Water Dispenser with Fridge Freezer PV-R2-JXR-18G

Polystar Water Dispenser with Fridge & Freezer PV-R2-JXR-18G is easy to use, efficient and durable too. The hot & cold water dispenser is designed with world class safety features. It comes with a low noise technology and it is safe to use in the home, office and larger spaces too. This water dispenser comes with a freezer and fridge compartment and an easy-t0-use push tap as well. It also comes with an auto temperature control and hi-quality steel water tanks.

The model of freestanding water dispenser come with faucet design to supply hot, ambient and cold drinking water, and also has a double safety device for preventing overheat. The High power stainless steel hot water tank allows the water stay hot as well as its high efficiency compressor cooling. The hot water faucet of Polystar freestanding water dispenser is designed with safety lock to prevent children from scalding.


  • Water dispenser stainless steel cold & hot tank
  • With Fridge and freezer with transparent glass
  • Light Indicator with single layer condenser
  • Silicon pipe connection
  • R134A compressor cooling
  • Water connector to prevent spilling


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