Polystar 5.7kg Twin Tub Washing Machine PV-WD5.7K


  • Washer and Spinner
  • Rated Voltage: 220V
  • Rated Frequency: 50HZ
  • Type: Top Loader
  • Plastic Exterior
  • Magic Filter Screen
  • Low Power Consumption


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Features & Compatibility

Polystar 5.7kg Twin Tub Washing Machine PV-WD5.7K

Polystar Washing Machine has been one among the best for a decade now. Enjoy doing your laundry with Polystar Twin Tub Washing Machine PV-WD5.7K; It has a capacity of 5.7kg which allows you wash so much clothing at a time. This makes it an efficient washing machine as you spend less time and energy doing your laundry. It has been designed with features that will ensure all your clothes are kept clean and fresh. Polystar twin tub washing machine will deliver an outstanding performance, and will act on every tough stain on your clothes. With this washing machine, all parts of your clothes will be clean, from the collar of your shirt to all the tricky areas of your trousers in just a single wash.

The Polystar Twin Tub Washing Machine offers you both a washer and a spinner. The spinner has a fast spin rate of RPM that removes all the water from your cloth in little time. You can use this machine to wash your bed sheets, curtains, duvet and other clothing items. This washing machine on Martnextdoor.com is compact, lightweight and will fit conveniently into your bathroom or laundry area. It is ideal for a small family, bachelor or student. You also have the option of choosing different wash cycles which makes it adequate for washing just about any kind of clothing.

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