Maxi Table-Top 2-Burner Gas Cooker 200-OC

Maxi 2 Burner Table Top Gas Cooker | Maxi 200 – Oc 
  • 2 Burner.
  • Brand: Maxi.
  • Colors: White, black, grey, inox, copper.
  • Product Type: Gas Stove.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Table Top.
  • Gas-saving Technology.
  • Strong, durable pot support.
  • Metal LID Top C
  • Easy to Clean


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Features & Compatibility

Maxi Table-Top 2-Burner Gas Cooker 200-OC

The Maxi Table-Top 2-Burner Gas Cooker 200-OC is designed to be easy to use, reliable and fast. Cooking is easy and fun with this incredible appliance, it stands out from it’s kind with its  amazing features despite it’s mini size. It comes with a double burner which enables you cook two meals at once. Designed with stainless steel material, a quality material used in making cooking appliances.

The Table Top Gas Burner MAXI 200 can be placed on a tabletop thereby creating more space in your kitchen for other appliances to come in. Also the Maxi 200 double burner is portable in size hereby allowing it to be easy to carry along during camp trips.  The unique finishing on this double burner gas cookers helps protect your cooker against rust and extend its functional life.

Silver Inox Black


Quick Overview:

  • Double Burner
  • Colors: White, black, grey, inox, copper
  • Product Type: Gas Stove
  • Stainless Steel
  • Table Top
  • Metal LID Top Cover
  • Fast & Reliable
  • Gas-saving Technology
  • Strong, durable pot support

The pot support on this double burner gas cooker gives you the assurance of stability as you cook and helps you minimize spills and messes. It is easy to clean and has a strong flame for good cooking. The MAXI brand has been known for giving customers their money’s worth. Therefore one can be sure to buy this product with no regrets


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