Hisense 198L Chest Freezer FRZ FC 260SH

Hisense 205L Chest Freezer 260FCW.

Key Features:

  •   •  Fast Freeze Function
  •   •  Easy Cleaning
  •   •  Convenient Defrost Drain
  •   •  Power Switch
  •   •  Refrigerator – Freezer Freely Reversible Controller


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Features & Compatibility

Hisense 198L Chest Freezer FRZ FC 260SH

Hisense 198L Chest Freezer FRZ FC 260SH helps a large family, you quickly begin to learn the advantages of self-freezing fresh veggies or enjoy their smile after homemade ice cream. Freezers bring other advantages as well.

Frozen food makes seasonal food more affordable throughout the year and the freezing process also reduces the number of potentially harmful bacteria which can cause food poisoning.

So you have all the right reasons for a large Hisense freezer. This Hisense deep freezer 198L has long-lasting cooling retention, so in case of a power outage, your products, food items, and veggies are perfectly preserved during that time. With Hisense Chest Freezer, You don’t have to worry, about your food going off when NEPA goes off.

Key Features:

  • Fast Freeze Function
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Convenient Defrost Drain
  • Power Switch
  • Refrigerator – Freezer Freely Reversible Controller,

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 Hisense chest freezer price in Nigeria is cheap and affordable.

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33 kg


833 × 575 × 890 mm

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