Scanfrost 60X60 4burner Wood Gas cooker CK6402NG

Key Features

  • 60×60 CMS
  • 4 Gas Burners (including 1 wok burner)
  • Lamp, Gas Oven
  • Classic Wood Finish
  • Double Glass Insulated Door
  • Oven Tray
  • With 2 Years PAN Nigeria Warranty


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Features & Compatibility

Scanfrost 60X60 4burner Wood Gas cooker CK6402NG

Scanfrost 60X60 4burner Wood Gas cooker CK6402NG burners  Wood finish, 4 Gas Burners & Gas Oven, Grill CK6402 burns in a very clean fashion so that your cooking appliances that are being used do not get burnt.

This product also comes with series of gas burners that are user compliant, once the knob is on it lights up immediately there is fire. It also comes with an amazing gas oven that can be used to bake.

This cooker is Eco-friendly and does not cause hazard to the environment, the top of the burners are stainless steel, the knobs are not complicated, and are easy to control and understand.

Scanfrost has four gas burners that burn at different intensities. This ensures you to cook all kinds of food at your desired temperature. It also gives you enough room for cooking a variety of dishes at the same time. This makes food preparation faster and cleaner

Scanfrost wood Gas cooker oven is ideal for both small and large sized families. The glass door has been doubly reinforced so heat does not emit out of the oven.

The Scanfrost 4 Burner Wood Gas Cooker  will provide you will fast heat that will ensure your food cooks in minimal time.


  • 4 Burner
  • Auto ignition
  • Gas oven & grill
  • Roasting turnspit
  • Dripping tray
  • Casted pot grid


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