Polystar 25L Toaster Oven with 2 Hot plates PV-V25B


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Polystar 25L Toaster Oven with 2 Hot plates PV-V25B

Polystar 25L Toaster Oven with 2 Hot plates PV-V25B is an essential appliance in the kitchen. With the Polystar Oven, you get the best out of cooking. It features a digital timer, a line grill function, a temperature controller and also a heat selector which aid good cooking results.

In addition to the oven function, this appliance comes with a standard grill as well as two hot plates. The electric hot plate feature lets you cook meals easily.


  • Polystar 25 litre toaster oven
  • Stainless steel heating elements
  • Heat-resistant tempered glass window
  • 60 Min timer with auto shut off and end signal bell
  • Electric stove was controlled by independent press button
  • 4 setting heating switch off, Top heating, Bottom heating, Top and Bottom heating
  • Big 25L capacity
  • Strong 1600W
  • With 600W and 800W hot plate
  • Full black housing
  • Operation indicator
  • Full function: Rotisserie, Convection, Double electric stove
  • 100 to 250 non step temperature control


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