Kenstar 185L Upright Freezer KS-220S



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Kenstar 185L Upright Freezer KS-220S

Kenstar 185L Upright Freezer KS-220S provides that extra freezing storage space you need for your food. Built in columns that allow for easy staking of your items. Large compactment to take as much s you want.

This makes them better for short-term storage — even if you open the door multiple times a day, the automatic defrost function will prevent ice from building up. 185L Deep Freezer is a lot for the home.

Also, Some very important feature is that its enegry savings freezer, tempered glass shelves, strong enough to hold your heavy items. But you find more.


Kenstar 185L Standing Freezer is easy to organize and find items, Takes up less floor space, Narrow enough to fit through doorways easily, No need to melt and clean up ice build-up because of automatic

  • 185L Standing Freezer
  • Larger Capacity
  • 5 Shelves
  • Vegetable Box
  • Multi Air Flow
  • Electronic Control
  • Low Noise
  • LED Light



Kenstar Upright freezer has a luxurious design. Therefore, making usage much more easy anf convenient.


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