key features

  • 680 Litres Capacity
  • 3 Layered Shelves
  • Anti Rust Coated body surface
  • Temperature digital display
  • Lockable with key
  • Corporate branding (optional)
  • Inox Finish


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Features & Compatibility

The Scanfrost Bottle Cooler SFUC 700, comes with an internal light that reflects the beauty of the branding.

The legs of the Scanfrost Bottle Cooler SFUC 700 is adjustable to different standing positions to suite its environment.

The Scanfrost Bottle Cooler SFUC 700 keeps the drinks cold and refreshing at every point in time. It has a three layered shelve to store and cool as many drinks as possible.

this product also comes with a body surface that is anti rust.

this scanfrost product the temperature display feature to show the regulation of the temperature inside. It also has the lock key facility.

Scanfrost products are known to be tested and trusted, and to bring nothing but convenience.

This product can be said to be extremely valuable and there is assurance of two year warranty on this scanfrost product.

This product does not frost on glass, so one can be rest assured that your glass remains safe and does not break.

The Inox design is used to beautify the freezer and compliment the décor of its environment.

This product is best used for public service and businesses but can also be featured in private places like a personal bar.

It is sized at about 150 liters. This product also is very friendly to the environment and has the tendencies of causing no environmental hazard

this product can take as many drinks as possible and make them cool as quickly as possible

The scanfrost brand has been known for giving customers their money’s worth so one can be sure to buy this product with no regrets.

The scanfrost brand has also served Nigeria for several years, religious users of this brand can testify to the solidity and originality of this brand.

Scanfrost products are consideredd safe to use anywhere. Scanfrost products will serve its user with a defined purpose

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