Polystar AVS Voltage Protector PV-AVS15


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Features & Compatibility

Polystar AVS Voltage Protector PV-AVS15

Low and high voltage protect.

Multi-function indicator

Surge protector

Intelligence time delay

Easy installation

Safety and reliable PCB

polystar is a leading brand in the consumer electronics sub-sector of the Nigeria’s large electronics market. The brand over time has carved a niche for itself in the highly, dynamic and competitive consumer electronics market through a combination of its superior quality, durability and affordability. The polystar brand consists of several home electronics and kitchen appliances that are supported by a vibrant team of sales and service centre staff with most of our product ranges provided with a standard 2-years warranty. Our philosophy is to ensure that our products are innovative, reliable and affordable. We have been active in our drive to make the products more accessible and affordable to consumers.

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