Polystar 2 Slice Sandwich Toaster PV-SWB815B


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Polystar 2 Slice Sandwich Toaster PV-SWB815B

Polystar’s intuitive sandwich toasters are full of features making them a pleasure to use. Two indicator lights for ‘power on’ and ‘sandwich ready’ states make them easy to use even for new owners and they have additional features such as nonstick interiors for easy cleaning, housing that stays cool. Out of use, they can be stood upright for easy storage.

Polystar 2 Slice Sandwich Toaster PV-SWB815B. It comes in two colours, black and white, with a silver panel on the upside of this product. The PV-SWB815B has indicator buttons to tell you when the toasts are ready for consumption. It also has a clip locking system so that food does not spill over. This product is perfect for 2 slice sandwich toasts. It has a non-stick coating on its plates to make cleaning the tool hassle-free. The ST-801 also cuts and seals two sets of toasted sandwiches at one go.
Binatone’s products are designed to give you quality and affordability that will lessen your time in the kitchen.

2 Slice sandwich making
Cut and seals two rounds of toasted sandwiches
Non-stick cooking plates for easy cleaning
Elegant stainless steel top cover
Cool touch housing with locking clip

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