Panasonic Top Load Washing Machine NA-F65B7CFW


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Panasonic Top Load Washing Machine NA-F65B7CFW

Panasonic Top Load Washing Machine NA-F65B7CFW is a 6.5kg machine. It is a fully automatic top loader washing machine equipped with features to ease your laundry. This energy-saving washing machine also comes with an active form, aqua beat, and spin rinse feature. Panasonic washing machines are the best when it comes to keeping clothes squeaky clean.






Active Foam Wash

Panasonic achieves outstanding cleaning power by combining the power of foam and a washing mechanism providing thorough agitation. Foam system drawer dissolves detergent well and makes high-density foam within the drawer. This foam is poured onto the clothes. Generated foam is again whipped by rotating fins at the back of the pulsator before the wash cycle starts. A waterfall of foam cascaded down rapidly onto clothes. Using water flow and pulsator technologies, Panasonic washing machines wash with thorough multi-directional agitation and powerful water flows.

Aqua Spin Rinse

The powerful ‘waterfall’ of rinse water penetrates clothing. Conserve water by as much as up to 15%*. 2 rinse cycle. First shower rinse – water showers on the clothes and tub rotates at a high speed simultaneously. Second soak rinse- the tub is filled with water clothes that are soaked for 10 min.

Aquabeat Wash

A combination of three types of water flow creates Eco Aquabeat’s powerful water flow. Beat screw – powerful splash action beats clothes to knock out dirt ingrained in fibers. Beat wash-vertical water flow provides an up-and-down tidal action beat wash.


  • Fully automatic top-loading washing machine; 6.5kg capacity
  • Active foam wash
  • Aqua beat wash
  • Aqua spin rinse
  • Auto-restart
Model NA-F65B7CFW
Function Type Fully Automatic
Maximum Load Capacity(In KG) 6.5Kg
Maximum Spin Speed NA
Noise Level Spin NA
Noise Level Wash NA
Power Consumption
Quick Wash(Yes/No) Yes
Tub Material Stainless Steel

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