Panasonic 13.4HP Cassette AC S-100PU2E5B

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Panasonic 13.4HP Cassette AC S-100PU2E5B/U-100PZ2E5

Panasonic 13.4HP Cassette AC S-100PU2E5B introduces a new flat panel design which is modern and matching well with your space.
Thanks to advances in design and technology such as the new high performance turbo fan, more efficient and silent, the nanoe air cleaner, for total healthy and the floor temperature & humidity sensor to more control.
The new Ceiling air conditioner 90×90 4 Way is the best industry in energy savings, healthy and comfort. 
Key Features
 New high performance turbo fan, new path system for heat exchanger
 Low noise in slow fan operation 
 Industry top light weight, easy piping 
 Easy installation structure of the panel
 R32 Refrigerant
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